_Beefeater Pink



is an at titude.

_Beefeater Pink stands for more than just a liquid.


It is a modern attitude following in the footsteps of the ethos of punk: unique, rebellious and built on abandoning standard values through DIY creativity. It too has an attitude which consciously rejects the “Old Gin” stereotype.


By rejecting the stereotypes traditionally associated with gin, Pink encourages a new breed of Gin drinker to embrace the now, and urban approach to life by embracing the bold and carefree attitude of THIS IS PINK.


THIS IS PINK is translated into the bar where drinkers are invited to discover their Pink side by getting behind the product by connecting with Pink's unique activations, each with a flavour of rebellion and transformative norm breaking.


The rebellion extends beyond the bar activity to the uniformed staff – all dressed in the brand but with their individual carefree style.







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